Platform for users and developers of mobile blockchain applications

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Gaming platform

EXPEKE – this is a platform, set of related functions, which gives opportunities to implement some own projects, which are based on utility tokens EXPK and blockchain technologies Ethereum, for developers of mobile games. This is a new channel to spread of blockchain games. EXPEKE users can make use of quality and safe products, trade games items inside a platform and vote for future developments. 

Besides our team specializes on mobile blockchain games development, which are interconnected with EXPEKE platform.

Our mission is aspiration for creating exclusive and transparent game eco-area, which is useful as for mobile game developer as well as for players.

Ecosystem EXPEKE







We cooperate with both large studios and indie developers. If you plan to implement blockchain technologies in your projects, you can use our platform.EXPEKE platform has convenient functionality for your projects

  • SDK components for fast and easy integration
  • Monetization of users through the sale of game items and paid applications.
  • Use token EXPK in their game economy
  • No worries on fraud, chargebacks and other payment gateway problems as everything is built on top of blockchain technology
  • Use the new game distribution channel. Imagine the MVP of your project to the EXPEKE community, win the voting and get EXPK tokens to develop your project

Players can enjoy quality and safe products. Mobile blockchain games of different genres will be available on EXPEKE platform. In addition, players can use the functionality of the EXPEKE platform, which will be useful for them.

  • Get rewarded with tokens while playing games
  • Autosave the ratings and achievements in the blockchain
  • Full control of ownership of any virtual goods
  • Buy in-game purchase with EXPK Token
  • Selling in-game items through the marketplace
  • Easy search and download applications
  • Voting for the development of new games. The ability to influence the developers and Express my desire

Showcase or app store for publication and implementation of applications. There will be published a wide range of games from EXPEKE team and its partners. Mobile games will be paid and free. Showcase or app store allows for players find that games, which they want, and it also gives for developers a new channel for spread games.

Marketplace, where players can buy and sell games items, using EXPK tokens as payment instrument. Player can sell everything, which will be found in games, through marketplace and earn tokens.

Every developer has an opportunity to show for EXPERE community his own project, and community can vote with tokens «pros and cons» for implement project. EXPEKE partners will be able to receive funds in EXPK tokens for developing. But before developer will receive EXPK tokens, he needs to pass through voting stage and show MVP of his project to EXPEKE community. In this way, players can vote for those games, which they want to see and try to game

Components SDK is set of instruments, which allows for games developer fast and effectively implement game projects, which based on EXPK tokens and blockchain technologies.

Minimum Viable Product


POOL EX is the first online skill based blockchain game of Sport genre for mobile devices. In applications, players compete together while playing in pool. Before the game, players have to send equal amount of EXPK tokens to Smart-contact address. Player needs to score an eight balls and last one has to be ball with number eight for the winning The first one, who will make all this conditions become a winner of game and receive the prize. 

Mobile game based on Ethereum blockchain technology and EXPK tokens. The game has the ability to purchase in-game items for EXPK tokens. And also there is an opportunity to participate in tournaments.Mobile game POOL EX will be related to the platform EXPEKE. Through the personal cabinet users will be able to display the tokens of the EKPK in the account on the platform. Also, users can put up for sale game items

Use of token EXPK

Token EXPK is tender mobile games and platform EXPEKE

Purchase in-game items within mobile games

Users can purchase in-game items with EXPK tokens

Purchase paid apps from the app store

Pay for paid apps with EXPK tokens on the app showcase

Payment for game items in the marketplace

Users can sell in-game items through the marketplace and receive a token EXPK


Vote for the development of new applications that will be placed on the EXPEKE platform

Participation in the partner program of the project

Partner program will allow to popularize EXPEKE platform

Reward for third-party developers

Third-party developers can get rewarded in tokens EXPK, if his app is approved on a vote by users of the platform EXPEKE

EXPK Token Distribution

Token Sale Stages

Join WhiteList in order not to miss a closed sale of tokens
The number of tokens for sale is limited

Road Map

Implementation plan and development of the project EXPEKE


In the past, the owner of the sold successful offline business. The Head and lead specialist for the development of commercial projects, including online projects. He has extensive experience in creating business process and finance distribution. Works in the gaming industry for more than 3 years.


CEO & Founder




CMO & Producer


Brand Manager


WEB & Blockchain Developer


Mobile & Blockchain Developer

He is an expert in the compilation of business processes in the development of the company. Professional trader in the financial market. Founder of a private investment company. Accountant. Gamer.

Experience in the gaming industry for more than 10 years. Designer, Screenwriter, project Manager in the gaming field. He organized his own game development Studio-TrolleyBuZZ LLC.

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Marketing Management, Digital Strategy, Advertising, Integrated Marketing, and project management professional with a Master's Degree focused in Economic Cybernetics from National Aviation University.

Experienced developer with C++ and Solidity with many completed ICO. Supervisor of course Ethereum Works and co-founder of the project

Roman Smolyakov works with a team of experienced developers and designers. Specializes in the development of mobile blockchain applications. Together with Viacheslav worked on the project

EXPEKE Advisors

Kevin Vuong

Business professional with 17+ years of experiences in global senior management roles such as Sales & Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Analyst, Business Development. Kevin is currently running for the Doctor of Business Administration, Management and Operations holds a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in International Management and Marketing. 

Roger Crook

Entrepreneur, independent strategic advisor in FinTech, LogisticsTech and Logistics , blockchain ICO's and cryptocurrencies. He is also CEO Capital Springboard a fintech startup in Singapore, strategic advisor to private equity in Europe and Asia and a board advisor to several startup companies in Americas, Asia, and Europe in FinTech and Logistics Technology with a focus on disruption.

Sergii Latanskiy

Working in blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere as an Expert, Advisor and Investor Relations of ICOs. Co-Founder of the RACIB Accelerator - ICO's incubator program of Russian Association of Cryptoindusrty and Blockchain, the most powerful Blockchain organisation in Russia and Eastern Europe. Me and my team's main activities in RACIB Accelerator is selection of the best ICO projects as well as expertise them, providing further presentation to funds and Investors around the worl. Adviser of Google Premier Partner, project BINEURO, the company that was nominated by Google Inc as a Top-10 of the most growing companies, 2017. Advisor of the Bank of Memories proect. Advisor of the Neironix project. Investors Relations of the FLUX project

Alexander Rukin

Alexander Rukin is the Deputy CEO Extracode Inc. Sweden. Member of the supervisory board, advisor and an expert in digital transformation and tokenization of businesses, team leader at the center of the industrial blockchain of the ROEL group of companies, founder of the active investment bankers community FinBringer, co-founder of the platform. Experience: ATON, Financial Company - FC "Otkritie" (Open Securities Ltd, London), Gazprombank, Neftekhimbank, CIG, Probusinessbank, Univer Investment Group, Zerich Capital, Antanta PioGlobal Capital, VC fund "Internet Development"

Ng Yao Min

Ng Yao Min is an expert advisor at ICObazaar, ICOBench , CGS, and AIO Rating. He is also a member of the IMMO high 1000. Current he is working as a product manager in a Japanese Crypto Exchange base in Singapore, co-founded a BC consultancy company, as well as advisor to a few ICOs.

Tudorache Alexandru

ICO and STO Trusted Advisor - With an experience of over a decade in various businesses like High-Risk Payment Processing, Affiliate & Digital marketing, Sales & Management and strong analytical skills, a complete understanding of the Blockchain businesses and help them engage with the crypto and Blockchain investor communities of practice.He built his portfolio by working in Blockchain projects from industries like: Venture Capital, Law, Crypto-Banking, E-Commerce, Marketing, Healthcare, Freelance platforms, Waste management, E-Sports, Gaming and many more.

Dmitry Lut

Dmitry has 5+ years of experience in server side development and service architecture building, and blockchain development experience since 2015.

Dmitry Lyamenkov

ICO marketing expert, 2+ year in preparing and launching ICOs, 2+ years in cryptocurrency trading. Collaborated with 8 successful ICOs such as ICOS, Aworker, Arcona, BCSHOP, etc




The purpose of the project is to launch the Expeke platform and EXPK tokens ("Tokens"). The terms and conditions for Tokens purchase are described in the documents posted on the website (the "Website"). While purchasing Tokens you fully agree and accept all the risks inherent to the Token purchase and possession and described in the documents posted in the Website ("Documents").

Hereby Expeke disclaims the following: 

(a) while purchasing Tokens you acknowledge that you are not a permanent residence permit (green card) holder in the United States of America, or (ii) a citizen or a resident (tax or otherwise) of the United States of America, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands of United States, or any other possessions of the United States of America, or People's Republic of China, or a person of these states or (iii) a citizen or resident (tax or otherwise) of any country or territory where transactions with digital tokens and/or digital currencies are prohibited or in any other manner restricted by applicable law. "Person" is generally defined as a natural person residing in the relevant state or any entity organized or incorporated under the laws of the relevant state ("Restricted Person") and the Website, including but not limited to information and Documents located therein are intended to be available only to non-Restricted Persons; 

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